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Insulin syringe 1 ml.
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Syringe three-component Luer Lock
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19.50 грн.
Disposable insulin syringe SFM, U-100, 1 ml
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Insulin syringe BD Micro-Fine Plus U-100 with needle
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Insulin syringe BD Micro-Fine Plus U-40 1 ml
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Insulin syringe IGAR with double marking U40/U100
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Suringe1 мл Luer Lock needle G26x13 мм
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Syringe luer-lock 1 ml with connector and stopper
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BD Luer-Lok Syringe
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Disposable insulin syringe SFM U-100, 0.5 ml
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Disposable insulin syringe SFM, U-40, 1 ml
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Insulin syringes Alexpharm U-100 G30x13 mm. 1 ml
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The syringe is used to administer drugs, and depending on which injection is performed, different types of instruments are used. Their design consists of a cylinder (hollow), a piston and a rubber seal placed on it. The most common is the insulin syringe, and other types of instruments are also widely used.

The online store "Tree-Med" presents products from well-known manufacturers. A wide range allows you to choose an insulin syringe, as well as a cosmetic instrument for aesthetic procedures and other medical procedures. The sale of syringes is carried out on favorable terms, since our company offers favorable prices for the entire range of high quality that meets all the necessary requirements. You can buy the best disposable syringes for cosmetology, medical standard, wholesale and retail by placing an order on the Tri Med website, or by calling the specified phone number. The cost of tools depends on the manufacturer, purpose, and other factors.

Types of syringes

Today, for injections, blood sampling, disposable plastic instruments with flasks of various sizes are used:

  • small (volume 0.5; 0.3; 1 ml). These are insulin thin syringes, as well as tools for neonatology departments, for vaccination, tuberculin;
  • standard type (volume from 2 to 22 ml). Intended for subcutaneous, intramuscular injections, for intravenous administration of drugs;
  • large (30, 60, 100 ml). Designed for washing cavities, introducing nutritional preparations, suctioning fluids.

All syringes are equipped with needles that are attached to a cone placed on the instrument's barrel. Cone - the tip can be located in:

  • concentric position (syringes for vaccinations, for intramuscular injections in the buttock). In this case, the cone is located directly in the center of the cylinder;
  • eccentric position (devices for sampling venous blood). In these types of syringes, the tip is located on the side of the barrel.

When choosing a syringe, you should consider what it is intended for, as well as what drugs will be administered with it.

Cosmetic syringes

Instruments of this type are intended for point beauty injections administered subcutaneously in small doses. Mesotherapy syringes differ from conventional medical instruments in structure, shape, length, diameter, volume of the flask, they are equipped with a flexible, long piston, which makes it easy to introduce gel or semi-liquid preparations. Cosmetic syringes with a thin needle are used for Botox, for the introduction of lipolytics. Instruments with a short needle provide convenience when introducing mesotherapeutic preparations to a shallow depth, as well as accuracy and clarity of hit. For plasmolifting, other cosmetic, medical procedures, the use of sterile syringes is a prerequisite, which ensures the safety of the patient and prevents the possible penetration of pathogens.

When choosing syringes, you should pay attention to the type of attachment of the needle to the syringe (it can be luer-lock, luer-slip, integrated needles), as well as:

  • scale (division price);
  • smooth piston stroke;
  • volume.

You can order certified new syringes for biorevitalization, mesotherapy, injections (intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous), standard size or small, in Odessa, Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, and other cities of Ukraine. On the company's website, you can find out how much one pack of syringes costs, or a large wholesale batch.