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As a professional equipment used in beauty salons, cosmetology centers, a dermapen is used - a special medical device (also called a dermastamp), intended for mesotherapy fractional procedures. Its design includes a convenient handle - holder, with a cartridge head placed on it, which is equipped with microneedles (the number depends on the model). Microneedles are injected into the deep layers of the skin with microdoses of a mesotherapeutic cocktail.

Dermapen, which you can buy at a low price in the Tree-Med online store, ensures the effectiveness of cosmetic procedures, improves skin condition, makes it toned, elastic, gets rid of wrinkles and other problems.

We present high-quality equipment from the best manufacturers, the high quality of which is confirmed by research and practice. In the production of devices, high-quality, durable modern materials are used, due to which the characteristics of devices are improved, their operational life and reliability are increased. The cost of the original Dermapen device for fractional mesotherapy depends on the manufacturer, design features, and characteristics.

Dermapen - wyat it, what is the principle of its work

The design of the apparatus for microneedling consists of:

  • corps;
  • cartridge.

For the manufacture of the body of the device, light but durable aluminum or high-quality high-quality plastic is used. It is equipped with a comfortable handle - a holder made of rubber, on which there is a disposable roller (cartridge) made of titanium or medical steel, with needles. Thanks to the rubber coating of the handle, during the procedure, the device is prevented from slipping in the beautician's hand, due to which it is very convenient to work.

Dermapen works from the mains or battery. Each cartridge is sterile, disposable, placed in a vacuum package (they can be purchased separately).

Due to the introduction of the required dose of biologically active substances into the skin, through numerous micro-punctures, internal regenerating processes occur in the epidermis and dermis. This contributes to the activation of the formation of new stem cells, increases the synthesis of elastin, collagen fibers, which contributes to the elimination of wrinkles, skin rejuvenation.

Dermapen can work both in manual and automatic mode (with a given number of punctures per minute). It should be noted that using the manual method of drug administration, the cosmetologist has the ability to regulate the administration of the substance on his own, but this may increase the depth of the puncture (this leads to side effects).

Buying Dermapen what you should know

When purchasing a device, certain points should be considered.

  • the number of microneedles in the cartridge (may vary from nine to thirty-six);
  • at what speed will the skin be punctured;
  • the presence of a restrictive tube. This functional performs the tension of the skin opposite to the puncture, fixes it, which allows the microneedles to penetrate the skin without effort, significantly reducing its damage;
  • needle sharpening. Pain reduction is ensured by the stylet angle of micro-needle sharpening;
  • the presence of a regulator of the entry of microneedles deep into the skin. Allows you to get the maximum effect from mesotherapy, based on the individual characteristics of the patient's skin.

You can order inexpensive high-quality dermapens, as well as a fractional mesoscooter, cartridges for them, in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, Nikolaev, and other cities of Ukraine, with prompt delivery of goods to any location.