BD Micro-Fine Plus U-40

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Insulin syringe BD Micro-Fine Plus U-40
This is a syringe with an integrated needle in one package. The transparent barrel shows the contents of the syringe, and the clear scale markers allow for accurate dosing of medications.
Product Features:
  • sterile;
  • made of high quality steel;
  • smooth piston movement is ensured by a special silicone coating;
  • retaining ring prevents accidental removal of the piston;
  • no risk of needle detachment;
  • the end of each needle is a blade with three planes, which reduces pain during a puncture;
  • the needles are coated with a special coating that reduces the force required for puncture, which greatly increases the comfort of the injection;
  • reduction in the force required for insertion.
  • volume - 1 ml.;
  • needle diameter - 30G (0.30 mm x 8 mm).
Country of manufacture: USA.

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