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For the convenience and comfort of clients, specialists, during medical manipulations, cosmetic procedures, disposable towels in rolls, as well as napkins that have gained the greatest popularity among consumers, are used as effective consumables, especially if they are used in places with high traffic. For comfortable use, these consumables are equipped with special holders. Disposable lint-free napkins in a roll and rolled towels are intended for:

  • SPA salons;
  • massage rooms;
  • medical institutions;
  • nail studios.

In addition to beauty establishments - these consumables are widely used in everyday life - household napkins and towels are intended for cleaning. For careful care of vehicles, special technical napkins treated with a special composition are used.

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Appointment of disposable consumables

Moisture-absorbing towels and napkins in rolls are effective disposable consumables, the use of which allows you to keep beauty industry establishments and individual workplaces clean. They are used to tidy up the face, body, eliminate sweat, excess moisture, after performing various cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Based on the purpose, consumables of the following sizes are used:

  • for manicure, pedicure, disposable materials of 20x20 centimeters are considered the most convenient.
  • when performing cosmetic procedures, they use products measuring 30x50 centimeters.
  • in hairdressing salons, for quick and high-quality drying of hair after washing, disposable towels of 40x70 centimeters are often used, thanks to which you do not need to purchase a huge amount of ordinary towels.

Their use ensures the accuracy of the procedures carried out, helps to reduce the time spent on their implementation, a high level of customer service, their hygiene, and safety. Disposable universal and other towels, napkins are quite economical, because they do not require disinfection, washing, cleaning - they are disposed of after use, which reduces the cost of using water and detergents.

Production material

For the manufacture of disposable products, modern spunlace material is used, soft, lint-free, pleasant to the touch, to the body. Due to the excellent performance of the material, during use, non-woven consumables do not tear, do not stretch, and are characterized by hypoallergenic properties. Consumables can be made from:
  • spunlace - "mesh" (distinguished by excellent absorbency, soft enough);
  • smooth (it is considered much stronger, consumables from it are used to cleanse the face after a cosmetic procedure, to remove makeup).
Manufacturers also offer paper towels that are pleasant to the touch, have a delicate, delicate texture.
You can order wholesale and retail dry towels and napkins in rolls of disposable use for massage, cosmetology, manicure / pedicure, medical manipulations, domestic needs, non-woven, paper, in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, other cities of Ukraine, with prompt delivery.