Shoe covers

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Shoe covers disposable polyethylene 4 gr.
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Shoe covers polyethylene
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Shoe covers polyethylene 2.5 g/m.
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Shoe covers polyethylene 3.5 g/m, white
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Shoe covers polyethylene colored
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Shoe covers spunbond, 125 pairs
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Shoe covers white-blue with a double bottom
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To maintain sanitation, keep the floors clean in the room, shoe covers are used, acting as personal protective equipment, worn directly on the shoes. Manufacturers produce various types of shoe covers, which differ in size, purpose, material of manufacture, strength indicator. Disposable shoe covers are characterized by ease of use, thanks to an elastic band sewn around the perimeter of the product, they are securely fixed on the leg, easy to put on and take off.

The Tree-Med online store offers a huge selection of disposable protective equipment from the best manufacturers. Shoe covers, which you can buy from us inexpensively, are represented by a wide range, which is constantly updated with new models. All products are of high quality, meet sanitary and hygienic standards. The price of shoe covers is the most favorable, thanks to cooperation with manufacturers without intermediaries.

Shoe covers are sold wholesale and retail. We offer to purchase standard shoe covers for legs, as well as super strong double-bottomed, colored ones - white, pink, blue, black, transparent, one pack or a large wholesale lot, with delivery to any region of the country.

Where are shoe covers used

The scope of these means of protection is quite diverse. The most common are medical shoe covers, which are used in medical institutions, beauty salons, cosmetology clinics, SPA centers, and shoe covers are also mandatory for visitors to dental clinics. In addition, they apply:

  • in various industries as equipment for personnel;
  • for bowling, spectators at sports competitions;
  • when visiting museums;
  • other areas.

Shoe covers are produced without packaging, as well as in plastic capsules with a lid, in individual packaging (each pair is placed in a separate plastic zip bag). The cost of protective equipment depends on various parameters (manufacturer, size, purpose, material of manufacture, etc.).

Varieties of shoe covers

For the production of shoe covers, various modern materials are used.

  1. Polyethylene. Shoe covers from it are affordable and simple disposable protection. They can be thin, with a reinforced bottom, dense, biodegradable. Such models perfectly protect against moisture penetration, are intended for short-term use, do not allow air to pass through.
  2. Shoe covers made of non-woven material. Soft, pleasant to the touch spunbond products, used in everyday life, medicine, suitable for slippery floors, resistant to moisture penetration, have breathable properties.

Also shoe covers differ in models. Standard (weight up to 2.5 grams), durable (weight 4 grams) models are made of polyethylene, low shoe covers like "galoshes" have a fixing elastic band. Shoe covers made of textured materials have a rough surface, they are characterized by medium strength, they are used if necessary, a reliable hitch with a floor covering.

For visitors to beauty salons, clinics, dental, massage rooms, thin shoe covers of a standard type would be ideal. For health workers, massage therapists, dentists, cosmetologists, more durable, wear-resistant shoe covers are recommended. There are also sterile surgical shoe covers, which are used only once, and after removal are disposed of, changing to new protective equipment.

You can order cheap, but at the same time high-quality economy shoe covers online, without leaving your home, in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, and other cities of Ukraine. On the Tri Med website, you can get acquainted with the assortment, find out how much one unit costs, or the price for a package of 100 pcs.