Couch covers

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Cover for a couch, universal with an elastic band
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Disposable polyethylene couch covers
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The first thing that clients of medical institutions, beauty salons, cosmetology clinics pay attention to is the cleanliness and hygiene of procedure rooms. It is achieved not only by sanitary processing, disinfection of equipment and premises, but also by using disposable consumables, which includes a couch cover. This accessory is a cost-effective solution, provides reliable workplace protection, and allows you to make procedures as comfortable as possible for the client. The couch cover is different:

  • manufacturing material;
  • term of use;
  • size and color.

You can buy hygienic covers for cosmetology and medical couches at a favorable price in the online store "Tree-Med", where the products of the best and most reliable manufacturers are presented. All consumables are characterized by high quality, meet sanitary and hygienic requirements, a wide assortment, which is constantly replenished with new products, allows you to choose consumables that meet individual needs. The cost of protective covers depends on the size, material of manufacture, other parameters.

Types of covers

This consumable protects the furniture from various contaminants, preventing its premature wear, it can be disposable, as well as reusable.

The disposable cover for the massage table is made of modern non-woven material - spunbond, soft and pleasant to the touch, which is characterized by resistance to ultraviolet radiation, antistatic, moisture-repellent, antimicrobial properties, hypoallergenic, vapor permeability. In addition, the cosmetologist couch cover made of spunbond is characterized by high strength, resistance to high temperature, fat-based cosmetics, various chemicals (alkalis, acids), which makes these products ideal for the beauty industry.

PVC covers. For their manufacture, a durable PVC material is used, which does not allow liquids to pass through. These consumables can be used independently, or additionally covered with a disposable sheet, which ensures hygiene, comfort and convenience of the client.

Due to the rubber sewn around the perimeter of the product, the medical and cosmetology covers are easily and simply attached to the couch, and are also easily removed after the procedure.

What you to know when choosing a cover

Covers for couches are selected based on the procedures that will be performed. Soft spunbond consumables are suitable for massage salons, some models of covers can have a hole for the face, due to which additional comfort is created during procedures carried out in beauty salons, SPA centers.

Covers for medical institutions, procedure rooms, presuppose the performance of a wider range of complex, long procedures, with frequent turning over of patients, so preference should be given to polyethylene consumables.

You can order high-quality certified covers for couches of various models in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro, and other cities of Ukraine, with prompt delivery to any locality, by filling out an application on the website or by calling the specified phone numbers.

Our company values ​​each client, cares about its reputation, therefore the quality of consumables is guaranteed. We cooperate with wholesale and retail buyers, offer favorable payment terms, and provide assistance in choosing products.