Syringe Luer Lock

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Syringe three-component Luer Lock
Used in all areas of medicine for subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous and other injections.
Syringes are characterized by a smooth and soft stroke of the piston, so they are preferred in those branches of medicine where it is necessary to push out the injected solutions smoothly and evenly. In addition, such syringes have congruent pistons and barrels, which allows the drug to be administered without loss.
Luer lock connection - such a fastening of the needle to the syringe barrel, in which the needle is screwed into the syringe. Syringes with a needle attachment of this type can be used in cases where a particularly strong connection between the syringe and the needle is required and is important when working with viscous solutions, or when it is necessary to inject solutions quickly, under pressure (for example, in lipolytic therapy).
  • a three-component syringe, consists of three parts: a cylinder, a rubber piston and a plunger (piston pusher);
  • a needle with a diamond trihedral sharpening is included;
  • transparent cylinder with a clear and abrasion-resistant scale;
  • the piston with the plunger is made of synthetic material, which does not cause allergic reactions;
  • the needle is made of chromium-nickel steel;
  • has a retaining ring;
  • connection of the syringe with the needle: Luer slip (Luer slip) and Luer lock (Luer lock);
  • does not contain latex;
  • sterile, pyrogen-free, non-toxic;
  • fucking disposable;
  • individual packing.
Available sizes:
  • 2 ml. - needle G 23*1 (0.6x25 mm);
  • 5 ml. - needle G22x1 (0.7x38 mm);
  • 10 ml. - needle G 21*1 (0.8x38 mm).
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