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In addition to roll consumables, threaded lint-free wipes are widely used for cosmetology - convenient and indispensable accessories. They appeared on the nail service market quite recently, but have already gained immense popularity, both among professional manicure masters and among amateurs working at home.

There are several types of lint-free wipes on the market, which allows you to choose consumables that meet individual requirements. These are pre-cut small square-shaped pieces of the same size, packaged in packages made of elastic, lint-free materials, which allow you to perform all the necessary procedures with high quality. The use of lint-free wipes eliminates the remnants of small pile, the presence of which leads to poor-quality manicure, rapid cracking of the coating. Lint-free napkins for manicure and pedicure differ in simple use, they can be wetted with various liquids.

In Ukraine, on favorable terms, the Tree-Med online store offers to buy high-quality cut napkins without lint. A wide range of products, favorable price, are one of the advantages of our company. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of consumables, whose products meet all the necessary requirements, have certificates confirming high quality.

Purpose of consumables

Dry disposable lint-free wipes are an indispensable and necessary material. They are intended for:

  • removing old nail polish or gel polish from nails;

  • degreasing the nail plate before applying the base coat;

  • removing the sticky layer from the gel polish;

  • treatment of manicure instruments with antiseptic agents.

In addition to wipes, manufacturers offer cosmetologists comfortable and effective lint-free towels used to remove cosmetic residues from the face after performing various cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, to eliminate sweat, excess moisture, and oil residues from the body after a massage.

For manicure, pedicure, disposable materials 20x20 centimeters are considered the most convenient; when performing cosmetic procedures, products of 30x50 or 30x40 centimeters are used; in hairdressing salons, disposable towels 35x70, 40x70 centimeters are often used for quick and high-quality drying of hair after shampooing.

Disposable cut napkins are widely used due to:

  • convenience;
  • easy water transmission, moisture absorption;
  • hypoallergenicity;
  • a huge selection of products presented in different sizes and densities;
  • the absence of stratification;
  • economical spending.

Production material

Disposable cut napkins and towels are made from safe modern materials.
  1. Spunlace. Soft, lint-free, pleasant to the touch, to the body. Due to the excellent performance characteristics of the material, during use, non-woven napkins, towels do not tear, do not stretch.
  2. Spunbond. Non-woven material of synthetic origin, soft, pleasant to the touch and to the body, also has a lint-free surface. Products made of spunbond and spunlace are characterized by hypoallergenic properties, antistatic properties, breathability, durability.
You can order wholesale and retail cut wipes for degreasing nails, cosmetic towels, in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkov, Odessa, other cities of Ukraine, with prompt delivery. On the company's website, you can find out how much one package or a wholesale batch of disposable consumables costs.