Contour cannulas

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Cannulas for contouring TSK Laboratory STERiGLIDE
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JBP NanoCannula
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Cannula for contouring Fine Micro Cannula
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Needleflex cannulas
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Cannulae for contour plastic surgery
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Contour cannulas

Contouring is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and special needles are used for its effective implementation – cannula, which the Internet offers to buy at a bargain price – "Tree-Med" store, where products of the best manufacturers are presented. They are tube-shaped needles with a rounded blunt end, which distinguishes them from ordinary needles. Between themselves, the cannulas differ in length, degree of elasticity, diameter.

Their main purpose – the introduction of liquid fillers under the skin, with minimal pain for the patient, without rupture of internal tissues, after which bruises and bruises do not occur on the skin. Cannulas differ from ordinary needles:

  • minimum diameter;

  • flexibility;

  • the presence of a blunt smooth tip;

  • hollow internal structure;

  • with side holes.

The use of cannulas significantly reduces the risk of impaired blood flow, which can subsequently lead to tissue necrosis. You can order high-quality certified cannulas for contouring for cosmetology clinics, beauty centers wholesale and retail in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, and other settlements of Ukraine, with prompt delivery of goods.