Disposable towels and wipes

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The use of a variety of consumables when carrying out care, cosmetic, aesthetic procedures increases the convenience, comfort of customers, specialists, and provides the institution with an excellent reputation. One of the necessary consumables are disposable towels and cosmetic wipes, which are used in:

  • hairdressing;
  • SPA salons;
  • medical institutions;
  • beauty centers;
  • nail studios.

Also, disposable towels and dry, wet wipes will become indispensable in everyday life, for wiping dust, as well as in other areas of activity, when caring for small children and animals.

In Ukraine, on favorable terms, you can buy certified disposable towels for pedicure, manicure, for massage, beauty salons, other beauty industry enterprises, wipes for cleaning dust, you can in the online store "Tree-Med", which presents products of well-known manufacturers of consumables. Our company is a reliable partner, appreciates each client and cares about its reputation, so we guarantee the high quality of consumables, the price of which is the most favorable, thanks to cooperation without intermediaries.

A wide range of products, which is constantly updated with new products, allows you to purchase everything you need in one place. When choosing disposable towels, napkins, it is necessary to take into account their size, material of manufacture, performance characteristics, scope.

Purpose of consumables

Disposable towels and napkins allow you to solve a number of tasks.

  1. Ensuring a high level of comfort, accuracy.
  2. Reducing the time spent on aesthetic procedures (wipes are used for washing, as cleansing, intended for the face and body, for hands).
  3. Ensuring the cleanliness of the working area, a separate workplace.
  4. Reduce the cost of washing, preparing accessories for the next procedures, since disposable products are immediately disposed of after use, thereby increasing hygiene.

Disposable towels are a necessary attribute for hairdressing salons, thanks to which you do not need to purchase a huge amount of ordinary towels. Disposable towels are used for hair, allowing you to dry them quickly and efficiently after washing.

Absorbent cosmetology wipes allow you to get rid of excess amounts of products used in caring procedures, sweat. Massage towels are needed to remove residual oil from the skin. Manufacturers offer a wide range of kitchen towels and napkins, as well as medical disposable consumables.

Release forv, materials of manufacture

Modern manufacturers offer disposable towels cut or in rolls. Rolled towels are ideal, especially in high-traffic areas. In the manufacture of consumables, various materials are used.

Spunlace. Non-woven material, soft, pleasant to the touch, to the body, the surface of which is lint-free. Towels, napkins from it are characterized by strength, light weight, high moisture absorbing properties, breathability, hypoallergenicity, and environmental friendliness.

Cellulose. Such paper towels do not contain any chemical components, have a delicate, delicate texture, pleasant to the touch.

Towels and sanitary napkins can differ in the number of layers of material, the more there are, the higher the moisture-absorbing properties. You can order disposable consumables for the kitchen, medical institutions, beauty industry, inexpensively, in Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, Odessa, and other cities of Ukraine.