Препараты для стерилизации и дезинфекции инструментов и поверхностей

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Aerodesin 2000 with sprayer
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Aerodesin for surface disinfection
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Aniospray quick
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aniozyme dd1
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Blanidas Aktiv
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Corsolex extra
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Lysoformin 3000
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Microbac Forte
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Selection of preparations intended for disinfection and sterilization of instruments

The sterilization of manicure accessories and surfaces in beauty salons is subject to the same requirements as for the processing of medical equipment. This is due to the direct contact of the product with the skin of the master and the client, due to which the risk of contracting various infections increases significantly.

Disinfection of instruments allows you to get rid of viruses, fungi, harmful microorganisms and bacteria. The preparations themselves are divided into several types: concentrated, in the form of a powder or a ready-made solution. Our catalog contains a wide range of high quality at affordable prices.

Selection criteria tool disinfectant

In order to choose the right tool disinfectant, you need to pay attention to the following criteria:

  • economical consumption;
  • optimal balance for processing metal accessories;
  • the presence of components that provide the ability to combine disinfection and sterilization of instruments with the cleaning that is performed after them;
  • resistance to elevated temperatures;
  • the possibility of processing products in an ultrasonic cleaner.

Due to the correct cleaning, the service life of manicure accessories is significantly extended.

Choosing the right concentrate for instrument disinfection

The procedure allows you to completely get rid of various infections and contaminants, eliminates bacteria that are harmful to the human body. Based on the composition of the liquid for disinfecting instruments, there are certain rules for their use. For example, the product must be completely immersed in the solution or its surface thoroughly wiped.

Some products require rinsing under running water. Upon completion of the process, the surface should be thoroughly dried, after which the accessory is placed in a sterile bag, tightly closed and stored for the next use.

Offered range of instruments for disinfection and sterilization

We offer various concentrates for instrument disinfection, as well as ready-made solutions. They have a wide range of effects on surfaces and products, contain active ingredients, are versatile and safe to use (the main thing is to do everything with special gloves).

The products have all the necessary certificates confirming their quality and are approved for use in various enterprises. Consultants help to choose the most suitable option, take into account the wishes of customers, find a personal approach to each, answer questions.