Accessories for cosmetology

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9 -  120 грн.
Antistress ball
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100.00 грн.
Cosmetology brush
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30.00 грн.
Gel compress package
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90.00 грн.
Wooden spatula narrow
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28.00 грн.
Marking pencil
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35.00 грн.
Peeling needle
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9.00 грн.
Bottle opener
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65.00 грн.
Double-sided marking pencil
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100.00 грн.
Set for marking (medical marker, ruler)
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60.00 грн.
Кисть веерная
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30.00 грн.

The need for accessories in cosmetology

It takes some effort to create the perfect look. Cosmetics help mask defects and emphasize natural beauty. No make-up is complete without special tools. Our catalog contains a variety of accessories for cosmetology at affordable prices: brushes (for applying makeup, straight, fan), wooden and plastic spatulas, etc.

The products are of high quality, long service life, practicality, reliability, resistance to the negative effects of environmental factors.

Purpose of accessories in cosmetology

If you want to find accessories for cosmetology in Kyiv, please visit our website. They are auxiliary tools that allow you to create real miracles. You no longer need to make an appointment with a makeup artist, because now you can make a professional make-up for a party or a romantic date at home.

The correct application and shading of foundation, powder, shadows, blush depends on the quality of these tools. You should not buy them in the subway or from unverified sellers. Our company has earned a lot of positive feedback and a high rating over a long period of work.

How to choose accessories in cosmetology

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • elastic and thin products are optimal for the skin around the eyes, have an additional effect like a massage;
  • thick tools are for dense texture;
  • fan brushes are used to apply peeling, evenly distribute products that include insoluble particles;
  • an oval tool with a dense pile copes with a thick consistency, increases blood circulation;
  • flat products with a straight end are considered universal.

If you want to buy accessories for cosmetology in Kyiv, we offer affordable prices and a huge selection.

Quality and effect

As mentioned above, the effect of cosmetics depends on the correct choice and quality of the tool used. The latter provides not only comfortable use, but also a more economical consumption of used cosmetics, their uniform application over the surface of the skin.

Our products have all the necessary certificates confirming their high quality, they have been tested and tested. Consultants help to decide on the choice of goods, answer questions. You will definitely enjoy the perfect purchase, because we provide comfortable conditions for the order, its prompt execution and dispatch.