Disposable sheets and covers

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Cover for a couch, universal with an elastic band
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Disposable polyethylene couch covers
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Disposable polyethylene sheets for wrapping
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Disposable sheet Eco-Line 0.6*100 m.
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Disposable sheets ECO-LINE 0.8*100 m.
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Disposable sheets 20 g/m, 0.6*100 m.
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Disposable sheet 20 g/m, 0.8*100 m.
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Disposable sheets 23 g/m 0.6*100 m.
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Disposable sheets 23 g/m 0.8*100 m.
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Sheet disposable black 30 g/m.
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The use of disposable underwear, which includes disposable sheets, is becoming more and more relevant today. These products help:

  • improving the maintenance of the sanitary regime;
  • reduce the risk of infection;
  • reduce the risk of complications.

Disposable sheets, as well as disposable couch covers, are made of high-quality modern non-woven material - spunbond, which has a high density (the higher the density of the material, the stronger the product), excellent breathability. It is characterized by spunbond hypoallergenicity, resistance to ultraviolet rays, antistatic, vapor permeability. Manufacturers offer disposable sheets in rolls, which are very convenient to use. The use of disposable underwear provides comfort, and also significantly increases the status of the institution.

You can buy disposable sheets in the Tree-Med online store, which are sold at a bargain price. We have presented cheap, but at the same time high-quality products from the best manufacturers, with certificates that meet sanitary and hygienic requirements. The cost of disposable underwear depends on the manufacturer, size, density, and other parameters.

Purpose of disposable sheets

Disposable sheets are intended for beauty salons, where they are used for massage and other procedures. White products are often used, but many prefer colored disposable underwear. The side of the sheet, which is in contact with the couch, has a laminated surface, due to which it is waterproof, which prevents the penetration of water, other liquids used in procedures, onto the couch. The other side, in contact with the patient's body, is made of soft, pleasant to the body, spunbond, providing maximum comfort. The benefits of disposable sheets include:

  • ensuring simplicity, accuracy and speed of cosmetic procedures;
  • increasing the status, popularity of the institution;
  • ensuring a high level of hygiene;
  • saving time, money for washing clothes.

Thanks to disposable underwear, the likelihood of infection and infection during procedures is completely excluded, due to its antibacterial properties, the workplace of a massage therapist, beautician is always kept clean.

Disposable underwear is intended not only for cosmetology, but also for medical institutions. For examinations, when caring for patients, a non-sterile sheet is used, while a medical surgical sheet must be sterile.

Disposable covers

As a protective accessory for the massage table, special hygienic PVC covers with an elastic band are used, which can significantly extend the life of the couch and preserve its attractive original appearance. Thanks to the elastic band sewn around the perimeter of the product, the cover is easily and simply fixed to the couch, and also easily removed after the procedure. To ensure hygiene, the cover is covered with a new disposable sheet before each client is received.

You can order disposable sheets and covers for shugaring, massage, other procedures, inexpensively, in Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, and other cities of Ukraine, with prompt delivery of goods to any region of the country. Our company cooperates with wholesale and retail buyers, is a reliable partner, guarantees high quality products.