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Cartridge for hydra pen
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Cartridges for Dr Pen
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Needles Replacement Cartridge for Ultima Dr. Pen X5
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Snap-on replacement derma-stamp cartridge
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Альгинатная маска Collagen Modeling
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Dermapen or dermashtamp is a special device designed for mesotherapy procedures. This is a device with a convenient handle - holder, on which a cartridge is placed, equipped with microneedles (their number depends on the model), with the help of which microdoses of a mesotherapeutic cocktail are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin. Dermapen needles are the main working element, so they must always meet the necessary requirements, and be replaced if necessary.

In Ukraine, to buy replacement cartridges for high quality dermapen from reliable, trusted manufacturers, offers an online store "Tree-Med", where quality products are presented. Our company offers the lowest prices for the entire range of cartridges, which can be purchased both wholesale and retail. The cost of a derma-stamp nozzle depends on various parameters (design, number of needles in the cartridge, speed of skin punctures, etc.).

What is a cartridge

This element is the main one; high-strength titanium or medical steel, which have hypoallergenic properties, is used in its manufacture. The high-tech cartridge is equipped with an elastic element, due to which the needle head returns to its original position.

The quality of this element has a direct impact on the quality of the mesotherapy procedure, which affects the reputation of the institution.

Manufacturers present cartridges of several models, which differ in design features:

  • short threaded;
  • short quick release;
  • long quick release.

All dermapen cartridges are sterile, which prevents the risk of infection, the presence of protective caps prevents dirt and foreign bodies from entering the instrument. Cartridges differ from each other in the number of needles, a specific nano cartridge model is suitable for each pen model (for example, a cartridge that fits A 1 dermapen will not fit A5 dermapen). The correct choice of nozzle will prevent damage to the device, ensure its high-quality, long-term operation. Color cartridges can be blue, white, blue, black.

You can buy high-quality, certified needles for fractional mesotherapy in Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kharkov, and other cities of Ukraine.