Medical gloves

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For protection during medical, cosmetic, aesthetic procedures, medical gloves are mandatory, which allow to protect customers and staff from possible negative consequences, to ensure a high level of hygiene.

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Types of gloves

Gloves are used as protective equipment in various fields, differ in purpose, material of manufacture.


They are used during the examination of patients in medical institutions, during diagnostic procedures. Exam gloves are made from vinyl, latex, or nitrile as there are no special material requirements for them. Diagnostic gloves:

  • provide reliable protection of patients, medical staff from the penetration of harmful, pathogenic microorganisms;
  • provide comfort;
  • have a tight fit;
  • characterized by elasticity, strength;
  • can be easily removed after the procedure;
  • prevent slipping of tools in hands.

Examination protective gloves are selected depending on individual needs.


Gloves of this type are considered professional, their main difference from other types of gloves is sterility, since they are used in sterile conditions during operations. Also, surgical gloves have an anatomical shape, due to which they correspond to the parameters of the hand, which provides comfort during long-term work of personnel, reducing muscle tension.

Surgical gloves are intended only for medical use, high-quality latex is used for their manufacture, products are characterized by elasticity, are securely fixed on hands, retain their shape, and are easy to put on / take off.

Production material

In the production of gloves, various modern materials are used.

Latex. This material is characterized by excellent elasticity, while disposable latex gloves are very durable and provide high tactile sensitivity. They are intended for the dentist, when carrying out diagnostic procedures, when examining patients.

Vinyl. Gloves made of this material are intended for beauty salons, hairdressing salons. Also, PVC cosmetic gloves are widely used, providing reliable protection against oils, dirt, moisture. These are the cheapest gloves, dense enough.

Nitrile. Gloves made from this material are ideal if you are allergic to latex. Nitrile gloves can be sterile, non-sterile, used in medicine (examination, therapeutic procedures), in dentistry, in tattoo parlors. With resistance to oil compounds, nitrile gloves are used for peeling, applying masks, cleansing the skin, and other cosmetic procedures.

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