Suit for vacuum roller massage

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The development of modern technologies has not bypassed the beauty industry, and today clients of beauty salons, cosmetology clinics have access to various procedures that improve both the condition of the skin and the body. One of the most famous and popular procedures is vacuum-roller massage, which requires a suit for lpg - special clothing that ensures maximum sterility of the procedure.

The suit for lpg massage acts not only as a hygienic personal protective equipment, it also allows you to achieve the necessary maximum effect in the fight against cellulite. For the manufacture of the costume, a special elastic nylon material is used, not thin, but very dense, so its structure can withstand several sessions.

It is put on just before the procedure, it allows you to get rid of discomfort, prevents the rollers from coming into contact with the body. Carefully made seams do not cause discomfort to the client, do not interfere with the work of the beautician.

It is inexpensive to buy a certified suit for vacuum-roller massage, offers an online store "Tree-Med", which presents products from the best manufacturers. All suits are of high quality, meet sanitary and hygienic requirements, are convenient and comfortable to use. In addition, the use of high-quality suits allows you to avoid breakage of roller nozzles, the entire apparatus, and their costly repairs.

Features of massage suits

The use of a special endermological suit during lpji massage provides:

  • reliable protection of fragile surface capillaries;
  • the necessary contact with the rollers;
  • effective study of muscle tissue at different depths, without stretching the skin.

To avoid discomfort during the procedure, the overalls for LV massage should be slightly larger, but at the same time it should not hang, but fit tightly around the body, due to which the massage will be painless and productive. Based on the desire of the patient, the suit can be worn both on underwear and on the naked body. For effective study of problem areas, a fabric cosmetologist makes special contour marks.

The peculiarity of the suits for the LPG procedure is that due to the high quality of the material from which the massage suit is made, it is easily cleaned of cosmetics during the washing process, dries quickly, so it can be used for one client throughout the course.


Why you need to use a suit

The use of a special suit for lymphatic drainage massage is necessary for several reasons.

  1. Reliable protection against dirt, infections.
  2. Safe use of equipment.
  3. Environmental friendliness.
  4. No discomfort during the procedure.

Full closure of the whole body, which is very important for shy clients.

It must be remembered that the suit is intended for only one person, and after the completion of the course of procedures, it must be disposed of. The use of these costumes indicates professionalism, increases the popularity of the institution.

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