Препараты для стерилизации и дезинфекции рук и кожи

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A fairly high risk of infection occurs when basic hygiene rules are not followed, as well as in the absence of disinfection. As a reliable and effective remedy, a special antiseptic is used to eliminate harmful microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria from the skin. We should not forget that antiseptic preparations must be used not only by masters, but also by clients.
The most common among various types of antiseptic disinfectants is hand antiseptic, which is used not only for various cosmetic and medical procedures, but also in everyday life.
In Ukraine, on favorable terms, buy an antiseptic for hands, as well as for the skin of the body, offers the Internet – the Tree-Med store, which presents effective nail extensions, disinfectant solutions for treating the navel, for injections. A wide range allows you to purchase products for tattoo parlors, medical institutions, dentistry, beauty salons, manicure rooms.

Our company offers certified high quality products from reliable, trusted manufacturers that meet sanitary – hygiene requirements, the price of which we have the lowest. The sale of disinfectants for manicure, pedicure is carried out wholesale and retail, the cost of solutions depends on the dosage, form of release, composition, manufacturer.

Features of antiseptics

Modern manufacturers offer antiseptics without alcohol, as well as disinfectant solutions for alcohol, which should be considered when choosing a product.

Alcohol antiseptic

Designed to kill pathogens. The main active ingredient of such preparations is ethanol, isopropanol, moisturizers, essential oils act as auxiliary components. Often antiseptics based on alcohol – These are medical solutions that contribute to the destruction of viruses, a large number of bacteria. Alcohol antiseptics are used by surgeons to treat the hands of medical staff, for injections, for piercing, because they have a high ability to destroy pathogenic microflora.

Alcohol-free antiseptic

These solutions are more gentle, they do not dry the skin, do not cause irritation, due to which they can be used even by children. These solutions are made on the basis of water and chlorhexidine, polyhexanide.
Chlorhexidine has antibacterial properties, effectively eliminates aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
Polyhexanide – antibacterial substance that destroys bacteria, does not adversely affect the skin.
Alcohol-free preparations are used for depilation, for tattooing eyebrows, lips, for shugaring.

Varieties of skin antiseptics

Disinfectant antiseptics are available as a spray for ease of use, a gel, or as an aerosol liquid preparation with a sprayer. For stationary use, antiseptic liquid soap with a dispenser can be used. To the most popular – antiseptics include:
  1. Biolong. Intended for professional, domestic use, the drug is gentle, does not irritate, does not dry the skin.
  2. Cutasept. It is used in surgery, medical institutions, beauty – industry. Preparation based on propanol, benzalkonium chloride, water.
  3. AHD-2000. An excellent solution for professional use in beauty centers. It has antimicrobial properties.
These drugs, as well as Bactolin, Sterillium, Aniosafe, Aerodesin, and many other cheap, but high-quality products – antiseptics are presented on the website of our online store. Also here you can find out how much the desired antiseptic costs. In Kyiv, Kharkov, Dnipro, and other cities, you can inexpensively order a small or large volume of antiseptics for a specific purpose or a universal solution.