Prof. PDRN 1500 U.I.

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Prof. PDRN 1500 U.I.
Extracted from salmon DNA, a biocompatible and safe lyophilized powder. Due to the lyophilization process, it has a more powerful effect than similar preparations in the form of a gel.
Main characteristics and effects:
  • regeneration and restoration of skin structure;
  • having an antimicrobial effect and a healing effect, PDRN improves microcirculation, skin elasticity. Effective in the treatment of ulcers, burns, scars and all types of wound healing processes.
Product category: professional.

Area of ​​use: face and body.
  • to combat wrinkles, sagging skin and pigmentation;
  • mature or damaged skin;
  • assistance in the treatment of skin imperfections;
  • age-related changes in the skin with a wrinkled type of aging and deformation, as well as prevention of the appearance of the first signs of aging;
  • skin restoration after laser procedures and chemical skin peels;
  • prevention of pathological scars;
  • to restore skin tone and elasticity.
Package: 5 x 1500 U.I.

Country of manufacture: Spain.
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