Lipolitic Prof. Deoxycholate

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Prof. Deoxycholate

To combat fat cells and cellulite. It is especially recommended for the area under the chin.

Properties:  destroys the cell membrane of fat cells and stimulates the targeted breakdown of fat cells.

Indications: local fat, double chin, lipolysis, cellulite.

Composition: water, sodium deoxycholate 10%, benzyl alcohol, sodium chloride.

Packaging: 5 x 10 ml.
Country of manufacture: Spain.
Deoxycholate can be mixed with other drugs for a complex solution of problems and a maximum effect, but for itself:
  • for fighting with local fat deposits - with L-carnitine, Artichoke;
  • for combating underarms (option 1) - Organic silicon, L-carnitine;
  • for the fight against underarms (option 2) - with L-carnitine, Vitamin B.
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