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As long as the skin has the right amount and quality of collagen, it looks great – the face is young and toned. But as soon as its production decreases, it's time to care with anti-aging products. This is an indispensable condition for rejuvenation. Collagen cream comes to the rescue in this case.

What is collagen and how does it work in an anti-aging cream

Collagen is one of the most important components of age-related cosmetics. This ingredient is the main protein of connective tissue, including skin. Collagen is a composition of 19 amino acids. The main value for the beauty of the face in collagen types 1 and 6. The cycle of its production lasts about 1 month, and at a young age, collagen metabolism approaches 6 kg per year. But already after 40 years, the volume of its production decreases by 2 times.

At this point, it's time to use the collagen cream. If this is not done, then the following problems arise:

  • Intensively increases the number of wrinkles.

  • The skin loses elasticity, sags, becomes flabby.

  • The oval of the face becomes less clear.

Cream collagen gives 2 major effects – moisturizes and smoothes. It also activates the protective functions of the skin, retains moisture.

Tool Features

The main feature of the cream with collagen – it is the presence in it of the biosphere of this component. It is able to penetrate deep into the skin and literally "push out" wrinkles out.

Cream for the face after 40 years or after 45 are especially popular. And you can buy products for oily, problem skin. Such products are nutritious, but do not clog pores. The composition of the cream may include collagen of different origin. Previously, the animal was actively used, it was extracted from oxtails, but now this component is almost never used. Although such collagen is available, it does not penetrate into the deeper layers, thus not giving a noticeable effect. 

Today, creams containing collagen are saturated with marine or vegetable. The first type is obtained from the skin of fish. It uses biotechnology. Vegetable protein is synthesized from certain types of plants. The price is an order of magnitude higher, due to the complexity of production and high efficiency of use. At the same time, it is believed that marine collagen is the closest in composition to human collagen.

At what age to use

Collagen production is believed to decrease from around age 40. Earlier use of such anti-aging creams will not give a special effect, it will not be possible to prevent aging. It is important to understand that if a lot of collagen is supplied from the outside, the body simply stops producing it, and this will lead to even earlier aging. So, before the age of 40, it is not worth choosing such a tool. Moreover, if characteristic age-related changes are not yet observed at this age, you can also wait a little with the purchase of a cream.

How to choose

If your skin tells you it's time to buy an anti-aging collagen cream, then you need to be based on these criteria:

  • It is desirable that the composition contains sea protein, it is better absorbed.

  • Animal protein is good for dry skin. Moreover, you can find out that it is he who is due to the fact that the type of protein is not indicated in the composition.

  • If the skin is oily, then you need a cream with a hydrolyzate. It does not include fat in its composition and is ideal for mature skin care.

  • You should pay attention to the price. Vegetable and marine collagen is quite expensive, so the products & nbsp; with him are more expensive.

The series is intended for salon care and only when used by certified cosmetologists.