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Regenerating gel with collagen / Collagen Concentrate
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Most cosmetologists in salons use hyaluronic acid along with collagen to combat the manifestations of skin aging. Now cosmetic brands are releasing a gel with hyaluronic acid, which has a regenerating effect and helps to look young and fresh.

Influence of hyaluron (Repairing gel)

All products based on hyaluronic acid give a regenerating effect. And all because hyaluron in the body is able to maintain the level of moisture, regenerates cells. It is a component of plant origin, which has the following properties:

  • Promotes moisture retention in the skin.

  • Enhances the effect of other cosmetics.

  • Maintains humidity.

  • Replenishes lost moisture, thereby increasing tone.

  • Provides skin elasticity.

This effect is possible due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is essentially a binding component of cells, it is the same jelly-like lubricant, a framework that holds a certain shape, the order of cells. With age, the synthesis of hyaluron slows down, which leads to sagging of the skin, it becomes less elastic, loses its healthy color and elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid gel effectively fights sagging, wrinkles. This topical product is able to provide a supportive effect. It is the gel that is considered the best form, because it penetrates deeply and quickly into the epidermis.

Types of hyaluronic gels

This wrinkle smoother can be found with different composition of auxiliary components and even the hyaluron itself. The following options are available:

  • Gel with hyaluron of animal origin. There are a lot of such funds, because the extraction of the main active component is affordable. Its main feature is an increased risk of an allergic reaction. Therefore, before using on the face, you need to test on the hand. Products with the addition of collagen can give a strong and lasting result.

  • Non-animal hyaluron gels. This type of main component is the most demanded in cosmetology, it is also used by professional cosmetologists. It is considered the safest, but there are also specifics. Its storage period should not exceed 7-9 months.

Features of selection by age

When choosing a hyaluronic acid gel by age, it is worth knowing some features. So for 25+, deep hydration is most important, which maintains healthy and velvety skin. In such a gel, additional components are not even needed, hyaluronic acid is enough.

For 35+, you should choose a product with additional components in the form of vitamins, lactic acid, glycolic acid. They work to renew the skin, due to which it is possible to maintain its youthful appearance. Plus, they help the main component perform the function of deep moisturizing.

For ages 40+, it is worth choosing a gel that can provide active support and stimulate skin renewal. This will help keep her from getting dry. That is why creams with anti-aging ingredients are needed for this age group. Together with hyaluron, it can be retinol. It promotes exfoliation of dead cells, which means the skin is renewed. If the composition contains collagen, then together with hyaluron, the formation of new collagen fibers is possible. For very dry skin, the gel should additionally contain nutrients.

Hyaluronic Gel complements perfectly with other products in the series. In this case, the result will be maximum.