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Peeling mask exfoliating / PEELING
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The skin needs care and cleansing, it is the last procedure that helps to renew the dermis and makes the face fresh and rested. If earlier the peeling procedure was available only in salons, today there are many products for home use, such as a facial scrub, a mask. But still they do not give such an effect as professional ones.

Product description Peeling mask 

Exfoliators that are used on the face should be used regularly to keep skin soft and hydrated. Mask formulas include active ingredients in high concentration. The product is applied in a thick layer, and creates a film effect, thereby increasing the bioavailability of the components of the composition.

Peeling masks give the components access to the skin, because some of them are designed to give a cleansing effect, remove dead cells that physically prevent the penetration of beneficial substances.

Professional cosmetics for facial skin may contain the following components:

  • Fruit acids. They are allowed in small concentrations, due to which they provide deep penetration. Suitable even for sensitive and problematic skin.

  • Salicylic acid is suitable for oily and normal skin, it also has a rejuvenating effect.

  • Small exfoliating particles enhance the effect of peeling, give a polishing effect. Due to the small fraction, they do not damage the skin, but affect it gently and gently.

  • Restoring and softening, B vitamins are responsible for this.

  • Intense hydration with hyaluronic acid, it tones the skin.

  • An enzyme peel has an anti-aging effect. Peptides and antioxidants are responsible for this.

You can buy facial peeling if you have a dull complexion, uneven skin texture, age-related changes. Or you can visit a beauty salon to deal with the problem. Also, liquid peeling should be ordered for those who are not suitable for scrub or intensive exfoliating lotions.

How to choose a mask

You need to choose a mask based on the type of skin, because there are some characteristics for oily, dry and normal.

Oily skin

Owners of such skin should choose a mask that helps to remove excess, namely, to clean the pores of oxidized sebum and other impurities. Intensive cleansing is carried out with the help of absorbent components. They help remove dirt, get rid of blackheads, mattify the skin. Acid  components in such masks stimulate renewal, even out the relief, reduce pores.

Dry skin

This type of skin is especially susceptible to flaking. In this case, the use of peeling masks is the most correct solution, because they  gently exfoliate dead particles and at the same time provide intensive care. This is possible due to fruit acids, moisturizing and regenerating components. Such masks can be used even every day, but it is very important to find "your" mask. mask.

Normal Skin

The use of combined masks is allowed here, that is, to reveal their full functionality. You can choose based solely on your preferences.

Usage Tips

It is important to thoroughly cleanse the skin, especially for acne and post-acne. For application, use a brush or spatula. The mask should not be overexposed, but follow the instructions on the package.

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