Молочко косметическое

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Cosmetic milk/ Makeup remover
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Make-up remover milk is one of the leave-in cosmetics that helps to care for the skin of the face. It was created specifically for those who do not like or do not fit the procedure of washing. The main function of – cleansing, and it copes with both decorative cosmetics and sebum, dust.

Key Benefits Cosmetic Milk

Facial Milk is a white-colored care product with a moderately thick consistency. It got its name for its similarity with the food product of the same name. Among the advantages of using:

  • Effective removal of make-up from eyes, lips, face, including when using waterproof decorative cosmetics.

  • Ease of use. Milk for removing makeup from eyes, lips, cheeks does not require contact with water.

  • Does not include soap, PVA, alkali. That is, it does not adversely affect the pH balance, the hydrolipid mantle does not suffer from it.

  • Buy it is a must for girls with sensitive, dehydrated, dry skin. Milk contains many moisturizing and nourishing components, which, in addition to the main task, also have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

It is not recommended to use for oily skin to remove makeup, because the special composition of the product will only exacerbate the problem. There is an opinion that regular use of milk clogs micropores and creates a feeling of a mask on the face. 


The composition of milk can vary greatly depending on the age group, because mature and young skin need different care. If the milk contains magnesium, it will help remove excess oily sheen and cleanse the skin. Sensitive and problematic skin will respond well to chamomile extract.

If your skin is prone to dryness, then you should look for a product that contains azulene. This component softens and moisturizes the skin well. If there are problems with pigmentation, then the best solution is – This is a product based on glycolic acid, but in a small concentration. It exfoliates dead cells, accelerates regeneration processes, and evens out skin tone.

For mature skin, milk with retinol and collagen is needed. These components perfectly smooth the skin, moisturize and stop aging.

The price of cosmetic milk for salon care is quite adequate. For cooperation, please contact our managers.