Гель очищающий

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Cleansing gel / GENTLE GEL
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Cleansing Gel, a special face cleanser that helps to remove makeup residue, dust and sweat secretions. This is a mild product that includes surfactants & nbsp; and additional components. Aloe vera gel is especially popular due to the inclusion of useful natural ingredients.

Need to use Cleansing Gel

The cleanser and cleanser eliminates various types of impurities on the skin, which are sure to accumulate throughout the day. Plus, there is always sebum on the surface of the skin, even after sleep. Therefore, the use of such gels or foams is important, including after a night's sleep. It is important to understand that cheaper soap is not the best alternative, because it is drying and definitely not hypoallergenic.

Special cleansers in different shapes, not aggressive, but still you need to choose them according to your skin type. Depending on the type of main component, such cleansers are of the following types:

  • Amphoteric. These are the most expensive and high-quality products that give an effective, but mild effect. It can be called universal.

  • Anionic. They do not penetrate the skin well enough, and therefore cleanse somewhat worse. Plus, they are not suitable for dry skin, because they can dry out the dermis.

  • Cationic. They penetrate much deeper and are recommended only for normal skin.

  • Nonionic. The most inexpensive, but ineffective, it is better to refuse to buy such.

Main goodies

Aloe gel, or any other gel marked "purifying"; when used correctly, gives 2 important positive effects – cleansing along with disinfection and moisturizing with nutrition. In addition to mechanical removal  dirt and cosmetic residues, the products also have an antibacterial effect. In case of inflammation, it helps to stop them. That is, it can soothe irritated skin. Moisturizing and nutrition favorably distinguishes washers from soap. It does not dry the skin, a variety of useful additives also contribute to this.

It is important to remember that professional and home-use products may also contain oils. These are not suitable for girls with oily skin, because their use will lead to a deterioration in the condition of the skin due to the accelerated spread of bacteria. For sensitive skin, wash gels are needed that contain salicylic acid, zinc, triclosan. For normal skin, gels with plant extracts are great, for mature skin, antioxidants and fruit ones are needed.

Rules for using the gel for washing

To get a gentle and refreshing effect, you should also use the gel correctly. There are such features:

  • Wash with water at room temperature. Hot will expand the pores, cold will not allow you to remove the remnants of makeup.

  • Correct dosage. Quantity means – the size of a pea, you need to rub it with light massage movements. You do not need to press too hard, it is best to use a special sponge.

  • Washing with gel is worth 2 times a day – morning and evening.

Quality cleansers are available for professional use. Conditions are discussed individually, we cooperate with salons throughout Ukraine in Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, Kharkov, Krivoy Rog and other cities.