LANEB PARIS is an innovative professional cosmetics

     LANEB PARIS specializes in the production of professional cosmetics and was founded in 2013.
     The predecessor of the LANEB brand is RESULTIME Collin Paris, a well-known and well-established professional cosmetics company in the Ukrainian market, founded in 1957 by a very famous French scientist Eugene Lapinet and the founder of the first cosmetology school in France, Monique Moreau.
     Over the course of 60 years, RESULTIME Collin has grown rapidly. In the laboratories of the province of Brittany, new discoveries were made in the field of cosmetology and skin care programs were developed with unique components and formulas.
     Based on the above vast experience, as well as the innovative results of scientific research, it was decided to create cosmetics for professionals, luxury - LANEB PARIS.
     Today, LANEB has become one of the most creative and innovative professional companies on the market.
     The philosophy of LANEB PARIS is based on cosmetic medicine in the field of anti-aging medicine and prescription drugs.
     Cosmetics are formulated with high concentrations of today's best active ingredients, proven in vivo and/or in vitro for visible and fast results. In addition, the formulas have qualities that ensure the penetration of active ingredients in a certain place in a short period of time.
     Laneb products not only cleanse, exfoliate, whiten, moisturize, tighten, refresh and improve the health of facial skin, but also excellently help to cope with problems such as acne, rosacea, skin pigmentation, irritation and redness on the face.
     Also, cosmetics of this brand are very effective in combating the phenomenon of cellulite and improve the contours of the figure.
To meet all wishes and solve aesthetic problems, Laneb has developed and offers several lines of cosmetics.
This series presents - cleansers for the skin, including make-up remover. They are more than just hygiene products.      Essentials products are designed to be professional cosmetics and work in synergy with Laneb's healing products. Their formula and texture with strong adhesion prepares the skin for the most effective use of Laneb treatments.
The products of this line have soothing, anti-aging and antioxidant properties, which will help to leave a pleasant feeling, and the face will become absolutely clean and radiant.





This is the optimal answer for solving the problems of combination and oily skin. Gentle and non-aggressive products will help eliminate problems and restore the health of your skin. LANEB offers in this series new technologies and the best natural active ingredients that regulate sebum, which are able to restore and maintain the matte look of the skin and provide a cleaner look.



Global anti-aging care.
Give your face the best of anti-aging technology. Collagen specialist Laneb brings you exceptionally effective products with ultra-concentrated formulas of powerful anti-aging active ingredients to help maintain youthful skin, improve skin tone and improve elasticity.


Series - Moisturizing.
Water is necessary to maintain the skin's moisture balance and function of the protective barrier. Factors such as sun, wind, air, fatigue can negatively affect the skin, making it tight, rough and sometimes flaky. Laneb's Eclat d'Eau treatments will help restore and achieve perfectly hydrated skin with a uniform texture without signs of fatigue.




LANEB Laboratories has created a new professional treatment – brightening treatments. To reduce wrinkles and restore facial radiance, today there are fast-acting and "non-traumatic" active ingredients: collagen and vitamin C, the effectiveness of which is recognized by the entire scientific community of the world. This new combination of anti-aging actives and brightening agents shows impressive results in smoothing out wrinkles and achieving a radiant complexion.





The products of this line contain the maximum concentration of soothing and anti-aging biotechnological active ingredients for maximum results. The active ingredients in Laneb Comfort's Sensitive or Reactive Skin care products relieve diffuse redness and irritation on the surface of the skin, combating the signs of skin aging. Products like this can only be expected from the world's most advanced professional cosmetics firm.



Solar treatment.
SOIN SOLAIRE by LANEB is the best of SPF 30 sunscreen with day cream properties. Regenerating and anti-aging active ingredients such as collagen and hyaluronic acid are added to its smooth and fast-absorbing textures for dual protection: sun protection + anti-aging.


Body care.
Lack of hydration, persistent patches of localized fat, orange peel, fluid retention, flabbiness... Laneb has a solution for each of these problems. Laneb body products combine high-tech active ingredients for a visible effect. SOIN CORPS is the best solution for taking care of yourself and reshaping your body.
Benefits of Laneb cosmetics:
  • revolutionary new cosmetic product;
  • the most advanced technologies are used;
  • the formulas use the best active ingredients of bio-phyto-marine origin;
  • high-tech texture, which ensures low consumption;
  • cosmetics are made up of 100% biocompatible molecules;
  • thanks to unique and complex formulas, active ingredients are transported through different layers of the skin to the desired site of action;
  • fast, visible and clinically proven results.
     It should be noted that LANEB professional cosmetics have passed all the necessary clinical trials and are absolutely safe. Its production is carried out exclusively in the EU countries (Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain), and tests are carried out in an independent French laboratory located in Aix-en-Provence.
     Laneb Paris professional cosmetics are very popular and are used by cosmetologists in many countries around the world. Laneb meets all the expectations of consumers who are looking for science-based beauty products with visible results.