Indirect lipolytic for the face

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Indirect lipolytic for face Super V-Line Sol:
  • improves the result of diets and exercises;
  • tightens the skin and improves elasticity;
  • removes the formation of fat in the chin, cheeks, ears, nose, hernias around the eyes;
  • stimulates lymph flow, relieves swelling;
  • promotes skin regeneration, creates a lifting effect.
The result is visible from the first procedure.
The product is ready to use. Does not need to be mixed with other substances.
The maximum consumption for 1 procedure is up to 10 ml.
Injection depth 5 mm, volume 0.2 - 1 ml, interval 1 cm.
Break between procedures: 3 days.
Ingredients of Super V-Line Sol: Water, horse chestnut extract, Tyrosine, L-carnitine, walnut seed extract, thermophilic.
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