Lipolytic LIPO peptide

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Lipolytic LIPO peptide®
It is a new generation of fat blockers that has the effectiveness of PPC and DA, as well as the intelligent action of powerful peptides.
Designed to correct body contours, reduce unwanted chin fat, and eliminate local fat deposits.
The main components of Lipo Peptide® are phosphatidylcholine and dexosycholic acid, which enhance adipolysis and the effect of adipocytolysis. Their use in adipose tissue induces the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines, while reducing the expression of adipose tissue hormones such as adiponectin, leptin, and resistin.
The caffeine contained in the drug contributes to better recovery of the body after the procedure. Carnitine helps the liver remove fatty acids and thus protects it from the effects of high levels of fat in the blood, which can damage the liver.
LIPO peptide is an ideal product for reducing body fat, allowing for effective remodeling of body contours.
Shown to women and men over 25 years old.
Area of application: body.
Methods of use:
  • by injection;
  • dermoroler, dermopen;
  • non-invasive procedures (IPL).
2 main active substances: Phosphatidylcholine, Deoxycholic Acid.
4 peptides: Pentapeptide-52, Pentapeptide-25, Acetyl Hexapeptide-39, Tripeptide 41.
Lipolysis catalyst: Caffeine.
Metabolism accelerator: Levocarnitine.

Volume: 8 ml.

Country of manufacture: Spain.
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