Cosmetic masks

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antiaging flash
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Fabric mask Black Label
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bijunel waterful mask face mask
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dermalstyle® cooling, calming & rehydration maske
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dermalstyle® regeneration & revitalisation mask
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Face lifting program DA99 Home Esthetic
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hydroderm repair creme
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lifting mask da99 double up mask
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mask for carboxytherapy riox carboxy co2
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Mesoheal Mask
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mesohemp mask
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Avalon Beta-Glucan Hydrogel Mask
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polyethylene cosmetic masks
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mask-napkin cosmetology smooth, 50 pieces
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When carrying out care procedures that improve the condition of the skin, preserve its youth, give it a healthy look, a disposable cosmetic face mask made of polyethylene is used. It acts as an effective disposable consumable that provides maximum results from the procedure by enhancing the effect of cosmetic preparations.
On favorable terms, buy cosmetology masks for SPA centers, beauty salons, home use, offers the Tree-Med online store. Our company is a reliable partner, therefore we offer products from trusted manufacturers, the high quality of which is confirmed by the relevant certificates.
In the manufacture of masks, modern high-quality material is used, which, when in contact with the skin, does not cause allergies or irritations. All products meet sanitary and hygienic requirements, are intended for single use, thereby ensuring hygiene and safety. Thanks to cooperation with manufacturers without intermediaries, we offer the lowest prices for the entire range, which is constantly updated with new products.

What is a Cosmetic masks

A polyethylene mask for cosmetic procedures is made from an environmentally friendly, safe for health, durable polyethylene material. It does not have a chemical smell, does not allow air to pass through, due to which the effect of heat on the skin is enhanced, and more active penetration of the beneficial components that are part of cosmetics into the upper layers of the dermis is ensured.
The masks vary in shape. They can be made only for the face, or have a special collar designed for the neck area. Each mask has slotted holes for the eyes, nose, lips, which ensures the comfort of clients during the procedures. Masks are:
  • nutritious;
  • moisturizing;
  • cleansers;
  • bleaching agents;
  • lifting;
  • smoothing;
  • anti-edematous.
To enhance the effect, the mask is applied directly on top of the cosmetic product applied to the skin of the face, neck.
A disposable tissue mask is also very popular - a cosmetic napkin impregnated with special cosmetic substances (gels, high concentration serums). Depending on the impregnation, such masks are intended for moisturizing, smoothing wrinkles, lifting, whitening.
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