Facial filler Sardenya

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Sardenya high quality fillers are produced using a unique cleansing technique.
The Sardenya filler provides a natural and long lasting result.
Hyaluronic acid fillers Sardenya:
  • non-animal origin;
  • consists of 100% cross-linked stabilized hyaluronic acid;
  • has excellent viscoelastic properties.
Sardenya SHAPE is a high density filler recommended for the correction of deep wrinkles and creases by injection into the deep layers of the dermis.

Sardenya DEEP - medium density. For the correction of medium wrinkles and creases. Injections are carried out in the middle and deep layers of the dermis.

Sardenya FINE - low density, to eliminate superficial wrinkles. They are administered by injection into the middle and superficial layers of the skin.
Package contents: 1.1 ml syringe, injection needles.
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