Training for cosmetologists - Mesotherapy, biorevitalization, lipolytic injections

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7,000.00 грн.
Mesotherapy, biorevitalization, lipolytic injections
The course is intended for: specialists with a medical education.
Consists of:
  • theoretical part;
  • practicing techniques on models (with the possibility to invite your own model).
Topics of the theoretical part of the seminar:
  1. Concept and definition of mesotherapy. Injection mesotherapy in Anti-age programs, treatment of hyperpigmentation, acne, couperosis, postacne, trichology. Drug administration techniques.
  2. Biorevitalization: concepts, indications and contraindications. Course and frequency of procedures. Input technique.
  3. Lipolytics for face and body. Types, principle of operation, contraindications, administration techniques. Cellulite, types, stages. Review of non-injection methods for weight loss that enhance the effect of lipolytics.
Venue: Kyiv, str. Mykilsko-Slobidska 2-B.⠀
To sign up and get more detailed information, contact the following phone numbers:
  • 0991030707;
  • 0681030707;
  • 0931030707.
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