Nitrile gloves AMPri

Brand: AMPri
Product Code: 612
240.00 грн.
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Powder-free nitrile gloves AMPri - German quality at an affordable price.
Very elastic and durable. Resistant to biological fluids, various fats, esters and oils, provide reliable protection against solvents, viruses and other harmful substances and organisms. Due to the optimal composition of the material, good thermal conductivity is ensured, which does not allow your hands to form strong moisture even when wearing nitrile gloves for a long time.
The main characteristics of gloves:
  • does not contain allergenic proteins and thus is an ideal replacement for latex gloves;
  • skin-friendly alternative to latex gloves;
  • Fingertips are textured for a good grip.
  • bilateral landing;
  • powder-free;
  • non-sterile.
The package of Ampri Tutti Frutti gloves consists of 96 gloves in four colors: light green, yellow, orange, fuchsia.
Packs of other colors: 100 pieces.
These gloves can be used in all areas of healthcare, the beauty industry, and catering.

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