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 Mesotherapy is a procedure that involves the introduction of small doses of medicinal substances to revitalize and regenerate the skin. By providing the skin with nutrients in appropriate places, such as the skin of the face, buttocks, thighs, abdomen or head, significant effects can be achieved to improve its condition, prevent aging, hair loss or cellulite formation.
Not unimportant in carrying out this therapy are needles, in particular its quality. The correct choice of the needle will determine how quickly the procedure will be carried out and how painless it will be for the patient.
RI.MOS is an Italian company that has specialized for many years in the production of disposable needles, known under the Mesoram brand, for subcutaneous mesotherapy and other microneedling procedures.
Mesoram mesotherapy needles are repeatedly sharpened during the production process, which ensures optimal penetration and administration of the drug. Their precise sharpening minimizes pain associated with treatment.
Sterile, non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, ethylene oxide sterilized.
Ultra-thin diameters (0.3 and 0.23 mm) make the product excellent for sclerotherapy procedures.
  • 27G > 0.40 x 4 mm;
  • 27G > 0.40 x 6mm;
  • 27G > 0.40 x 12 mm Ultra Thin Wall;
  • 30G > 0.30 x 4mm;
  • 30G > 0.30 x 6mm;
  • 30G > 0.30 x 13 mm Ultra Thin Wall;
  • 30G > 0,30 x 25 mm; 
  • 32G > 0.23 x 4mm;
  • 32G > 0.23 x 6mm;
  • 32G > 0.23 x 12mm;
  • 33G > 0.20 x 4 mm;
  • 33G > 0.20 x 12 mm.
Connection type: Luer and Luer-Lok.
Each needle is in separate sterilized blisters.
With the needles of this brand, you can offer patients less traumatic sensations and do an excellent job.

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