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Anesthesia cream B-CAINE
Medical anesthesia is one of the main components in cosmetology. The number of anesthetic preparations and methods of administration has grown in recent years, but the number of outpatient cosmetic procedures continues to grow. It was a change for cosmetic procedures, and alleviation of the fear of painful intrusions may be of great importance for the satisfaction of the patient and future inquiries.
Anesthetics are effective and simple in most cases.
One of the shortest anesthetics, which is used in cosmetology, on the Ukrainian market is B-CAINE cream.
Yoga day manifests itself in 10-12 minutes after application and staining under the occlusive swim.

Trivality dії: vіd 40 - 90 hvilin.

Ingredients: lidocaine - 6.5%, prilocaine 5%.

This anesthetic is suitable for both cosmetologists and permanent make-up artists.
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